Sometimes you run into issues in life, like working a Saturday, replacing a water heater, or running your car into street light poles! With that said, a light pole laying next to the side of a road was the reason I received a call for one of our latest jobs.

Light Pole Installation

As part of a recent light pole installation job, we needed to remove an old broken off mounting flange. Unfortunately, a car had struck the light pole and knocked it over, tearing the pole from the mounting flange. The mounting flange was all that remained from the once illuminating street light pole.  And since this flange was old and corroded, so were the mounting bolts. My team needed to remove the main nuts from the mounting bolts without damaging the bolt threads, otherwise we would need to rip out the concrete base and pour a new one, complete with new mounting bolts (major added cost). Leveraging on my metal work experience from restoring my muscle car, my team and I carefully cut around the old corroded nuts to expose good threads.

Sparks Flyin’

In order to remove the old mounting bolts, we needed to get a little tricky. We first tried penetrating fluid, but had no success. Then we tried the torch, and still no success. So we opted to use the angle grinder to notch the nut, then wedge a cold chisel into the notch to crack open the nut. After carefully notching the nut and driving the cold wedge through, we had success!

Know Your Role

New 110w Parker Reed Lighting fixtures(Left) compared to the existing 1000w Metal Halide fixtures(Right).

High Lighting Service Company has gained vast experience in dealing with all areas of lighting installation through the years, and this is another example of how we save our customers time and money! By preserving the threads, we then could erect the new pole and mount the new Parker Reed Lighting LED Parking Lot Light fixtures.


Published by Josh Farlow

Josh has been in the lighting industry for 13 years, working on all sorts of commercial and industrial projects. While not working with lighting, Josh enjoys time with his family and friends, brewing beer, and playing his guitar.

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