31,608.2 KwH reduced per year
$901.88 DTE Rebate
$4,108 savings per year


High Lighting Service Company was given the opportunity to update the office lighting of a local Grocery Market’s Headquarters to LED. Along with replacing their halogen recessed can lights with 6” LED trim fixtures, we changed out their older style ceiling 2×4 fluorescent troffer fixtures with new, aesthetically pleasing 2×2 and 2×4 LED troffer fixtures. We selected 4000k CCT Color Temperature for their office environment, which works great for this setting, especially since they previously had a mixture of kelvin color in their fluorescent tubes.  By switching their office lighting from fluorescent to LED, we reduced their load by 31,608.2 Kw hours per year, which saves our customer $4,108 in energy costs per year. In addition to the savings, we obtained for our customer a DTE Energy Rebate of $901.88 paid to them. This project is a great example of some of the projects we have completed to date, and also what we look to expand on in the future.

Demo Day before LED installation
Eddie and Mike taking in the enjoyment of demo day.


2x4 Troffer Fixture
Shot from the hallway.


2x4 Troffer Fixture Office
Danny enjoying the updated lighting


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